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We’re sfG CoachNet, a user-friendly coaching platform that helps you easily manage and deliver your exceptional coaching programmes. From secure communication tools and easy coach-coachee matching, to in-depth reporting and highly customisable surveys, sfG CoachNet has everything you could need to make your coaching programme as successful as possible. What’s more, our friendly UK-based team is always there to help if you have any queries, need some support, or even have suggestions on how we can make sfG CoachNet even better. 

Alleviating Your Problems

What Does sfG CoachNet Coaching Software Do?

sfG CoachNet does just about everything you could ever need from software designed to assist in the delivery of your coaching programme. From practicalities such as coach-coachee matching and administrative tasks such as customising emails to providing a secure communications platform and giving you access to in-depth reporting tools, sfG CoachNet has been designed to alleviate any challenges you may face with delivering a large-scale coaching programme.

In short, sfG CoachNet can help you with:

  • Easy Coach-Coachee Matching
  • In-depth Reporting
  • Customisable Communications 
  • Surveys & Activity Logs
  • Private Messaging
  • Sharing of Resources
  • And More
Easy Programme Management

Who Is sfG CoachNet Coaching Software For?

sfG CoachNet is designed to help organisations manage and deliver their coaching programmes giving your coaches the support they need to help their coachees reach their full potential. From businesses and sports clubs to universities and charities, sfG CoachNet puts all the tools you need to deliver an excellent coaching programme at your fingertips. 

Designed for seamless integration, our software provides innovation for any coaching programme across the country. What’s more, our dedicated and experienced support team will be on hand to advise you on all aspects of your coaching programme as they help you get the most out of our coaching platform.

Trusted and Experienced

Why Choose sfG CoachNet?

We know that every coaching programme is unique, which is why we’ve designed sfG CoachNet with flexibility and ease of use in mind, allowing individuals to seamlessly connect with experienced coaches who can guide them on their coaching journey.

What’s more, we have a track record of helping organisations achieve excellence in their programmes, with sfG MentorNet being used and trusted throughout the UK and abroad. With an expert and friendly team on hand to provide support whenever you need it, you can trust in sfG CoachNet to help your coachees achieve their goals.