What Does Our Coaching Software Do?

Comprehensive Coaching Software

We’ve designed and created sfG CoachNet to provide everything you could need from your coaching software. From keeping all lines of communication between coaches and coachees open to streamlining administration processes, we’ve thought of just about everything – and if there’s anything we’ve missed, we’re always happy to take your feedback onboard.

Coaching Programme Oversight

There are a lot of aspects to your coaching programme, and if you want your coaching programme to be the roaring success that it can be, you need to take care of all of them. sfG CoachNet helps you oversee your coaches and coachees, and track their path to success. 

Matching Process

Through a customisable registration and simple matchmaking process, you can assign coachees to their ideal coaches.

Secure Communication

Monitor all lines of communication through a dedicated messaging app, spot common questions and issues, and continue to improve your coaching programme.

Monitor Progress

Easily share knowledge and oversee your coaches’ and coachees’ activity and thoughts via their activity log.


Customise and run your own surveys to get feedback from your coaches and coachees within your coaching programme.


Define exactly who has access to what, and who can communicate to whom as you keep communications between coaches and coachees confidential.


Manage users and get feedback from your coaches and coachees.

Administration & Reporting

Running a coaching programme comes with a lot of administration that needs to be taken care of. From making sure you’re fully compliant and managing users to getting feedback from your coaches and coachees, there’s a lot you need to keep on top of. sfG CoachNet can help you with all of this.

Building Successful Coaching Relationships

  • All communication between coaches and coachees is secure so the coach/coachee relationship remains confidential
  • Makes it easy for coaches and coachees to keep in contact and collaborate
  • Allows both coaches and coachees to make notes throughout the relationship
  • Coaches and coachees can learn from others by sharing documents and other useful information
  • sfG CoachNet is designed in a modern style, familiar to users of social networking

Easing the Burden for Administrators

  • sfG CoachNet is an easy to implement Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, meaning no installation required.
  • “Try before you Buy” with a free 30-day trial available, so you can find out if it’s suitable before you commit to any cost
  • Highly customisable security which allows administrators to define exactly who has access to what
  • Easily send out important information and announcements to all users
  • Monitor the coaching relationship and ensure it is developing the way it should
  • Quickly see which coaches/coachees have not been matched